New free school in Great Harwood has been given the green light by Hyndburn Borough Council. Councillors agreed to support the plans for The Evergreen School - August 2016

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Welcome to The Evergreen School interim website, here you can follow us on our journey and be the first to hear about our updates by regularly checking the news feed below. In the future we will have a fully functional school website.

The Evergreen School will offer a well-rounded education for pupils from all backgrounds and of all abilities. As well as providing individually tailored learning programmes, pupils will study all of the core academic subjects that form the English Baccalaureate. The EBacc is made up of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and a language, and all pupils who enroll with us will take the EBacc subjects when they enter Key Stage 4 (typically Yr 10 and 11). Although this is the stage at which exam preparation begins, the National Curriculum will be followed from the start of Yr 7.
We will also offer a greater variety of GCSE subjects than many other schools are currently able to, strengthened by the opportunity to study additional qualifications subject to the individual child's needs, abilities and interests.

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The Evergreen School Vision

Responsibility, Engagement, Integrity, Sustainability

The Evergreen School is a high school that will teach the national curriculum through real life project based learning.

All lessons will be led by qualified teachers, working alongside professionals, often within working environments. Children’s perceptions, talents and abilities will be positively challenged both in and out of the school system. Our aim is to create a healthy culture of pupils, staff and school associates who care about their communities’ future and want to learn how to contribute to future success.

The evergreen School will:

  • Encourage responsibility: pupils who recognise the value of their personal and social responsibilities will appreciate how their choices can affect others and the environment.
  • Engage with our community and local businesses to discover mutually beneficial concepts, offer opportunities to make ideas happen, improve skill sets and increase the prospects of our borough.
  • Promote integrity: pupils, staff and associates of the school shall work together to deliver best practice and maintain academic excellence which is inclusive to all learners.
  • Prioritise sustainability: providing education that enables pupils to develop the knowledge, values and skills to participate in decisions about local and global actions that will improve life without damaging the planet for the future.

The Journey


At the end of their journey with us we want our students to leave school as young adults who are

  • Confident,
  • self-assured,
  • have a strong work ethic
  • to be interesting & interested
  • aspirational & inspirational

And to be better prepared both academically, socially & emotionally to go out into an ever-changing world

Healthy Mind & Body


Mindfulness: will be a regular feature to our school day for both staff and pupils.
Additional Sports staff and pupils will have the opportunity to engage in: yoga, Pilates, group sports and relaxation.
Mental health awareness provided by the Evergreen trustee and BACP registered Psychotherapist, plus external mental health advocates with lived experiences.
Pupils will learn how to support themselves (mental health first aid) and others, and how to keep mentally well. Involving pupils in mental health awareness will then have an effect of reducing stigma often associated with mental health.

Engagement in learning is key for our children.


By providing child-centred, meaningful projects, we expect high attention and commitment from our children.
Rather than the usual shift to subject-centred learning at high school, PBL allows learning to remain child-centred. The child stays motivated and happy, which in turn improves results. PBL creates real life learning. Subject specific skills will be provided along the learning journey.

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Upcoming Events

The Evergreen trustees are putting together a bid to the Department of Education to open a secondary school in Great Harwood in 2018.

Come along to our open public consultation meetings to find out more about our school! Ask any questions you have and hear our plans! Everybody is welcome.

Consultation Evening – Tuesday 21st June

Bank Mill House, Church Street, Great Harwood BB6 7NF at 7:00pm

Consultation Evening – Thursday 23rd June

Great Harwood Cricket Club, Blackburn Old Road, Great Harwood, BB6 7UW at 7:00pm

Great Harwood Show: Frequently Asked Questions

Will you only employ fully qualified teachers?

What makes your school an informed choice for parents?
The trustees are parents and experienced teachers, as well as local business and public sector leaders.

Will you follow the national curriculum?

What role will the children play in school other than learning?
A rounded school experience is planned through Project Based Learning. All the activities we hold dear, such as learning outside the classroom, school trips and exchanges, Duke of Edinburgh and Young Enterprise schemes, sporting events, drama and music will be integrated within the curriculum, nor merely tagged on.

How will you cater for children who may not be academically gifted?
Project Based Learning allows children to find their gifts and inspires them to enjoy academic work. As in all schools full SEN support will also be offered.

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Project Based Learning: Explained

A great video about the power of Project Based Learning! Would your child benefit?

This simple video makes the essential elements of PBL come alive and brings to light the 21st Century skills and competencies (collaboration, communication, critical thinking) that will enable K-12 students to be college and work-ready as well as effective members of their communities.


Come and say hello at the Great Harwood Show

We look forward to speaking to the community (you) about our plans for The Evergreen School as well as listening to ideas. We can be found in the community tent throughout the day. Being part of the prestigious Great Harwood Agricultural Society’s 149th Show is the start of our partnerships which we hope to develop as we bring a school  the community feels is theirs.

Press release: New secondary school planned for Great Harwood

A NEW secondary school with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and sustainability is being proposed by a group of parents and teachers in Hyndburn.

The Evergreen School, planned for Great Harwood, has been awarded a place on the New Schools Network’s Development Programme, designed to help groups that want to set up new free schools.

Aiming to open in September 2018, a board of trustees has been formed and the school is preparing to submit an application for Government funding.

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